Hud'Alex Dalla Vecchia

Aesthetic Practitioner & Spa Therapist

Hud'Alex Dalla Vecchia is the Owner of the Aesthetic and Beauty Centre.

As a certified Aesthetic Practitioner, he's concerned in to deliver harmony to your face and body features. As a SPA Therapist, Hud is constantly learning to find and deliver inner peace and balance, promoting the wellness, comfort and relaxation, through the natural treatments against the stress for all community.

As passionate and fascinated for aesthetic treatments Hud will get your skin healthy, glowing and plumped as ever before with the perfect balance of your body and mind

"After many years working as a Lawyer, I decided to do something to change my quotidian to something that could lead me to happiness in terms of work and joy and to end up with a really stressed life.

I wanted to find something to change my perception of life and I found that in the natural therapies, beauty and aesthetics, a way to achieve my own balance and happiness."


Hud'Alex believes in constantly studying to upgrade his skills. He already holds a Diploma in Phlebotomy, and was awarded a level 6 qualification in anatomy, physiology and kinesiology, achieved through a Naturotherapy university course. Hud'Alex is a Board certified Mesotherapist Practitioner, qualified to use cosmeceutical and pharmaceutical grade injectable solutions for the face and body. As an Advanced Aesthetic Practitioner working in skin resurfacing and non-surgical procedures for rejuvenation Hud'Alex has completed professional qualifications for Dermal fillers, PRP/PRF, chemical peels, micro-needling, and lasers, among others courses. Hud'Alex has also recently embarked on a new course; to study a 4 years Bachelor's Degree in Biomedical Sciences, a career very well known and accepted "as a medic" in the field of aesthetics.

  • Intensive Aesthetic Practice. December/2019. Lisbon/PT. Day -1 Master in Micro-Needling; Day -2 HIFU; Day - 3 Cavitation, Ultrasound Cavitation (and combination therapy), Radiofrequency; Day – 4 Cryolipolysis & Associations; Day – 5 Review and Assembly of Protocols and Procedure; Day – 6 Rose of Mer Chemical peel and its usages.
  • Laser and IPL Level 4 ITEC/VTCT. November/2019. Waterford, IRE. For hair removal, red veins, pigmentation, acne, photoageing and Skin healing.
  • Plhebotomy and Regenerative Aesthetic Medicine – PRF Protocol. November/2019. UK. Content: Biomedical Science: elements of blood, white blood cells, Platelets, Activated Platelets and Growth Factors, Coagulation and Haemostasis. PRF Preparation – venepuncture, Endogenous issues, Anticoagulants, medical devices. Centrifugation, harvest, clinical waste. Facial rejuvenation, hair restoration and combination treatments with Dermal fillers, microneedling, chemical peels among others.
  • Phlebotomy and PRP. QQI Level 6 Health Care Practitioner. October/2019. Dublin.IRE. Content: Tissue regeneration, enhance dermal collagen expression, skin brightness, fibroblast proliferation, stem cells, neocollagenesis and extracellular matrix formation and angiogenesis.
  • Injection Training for Health Care Practitioners.  September/2019. Belfast, UK. Content: In depth understanding of the related anatomical features of the circulatory, muscular and nervous systems. Current guidance and best practice in administering injections. Storage of injections (including cold chain), holding, consent  and  recording. Theory and Practice of Injection administration.
  • Minor Suturing.  August/2019. Belfast. Content: Classification of wounds. Types of wound dressings. Assess a patient and wound before considering the use of sutures. Aseptic technique and infection control. Suture technique. Suture selection. Complication and practices. Suture material selection. Suture practice. Applying and overview of dressings.
  • Clinical Skill for Health Care Practitioners.  June/2019. Belfast. Content: Understanding and accurately recording, Blood pressure, Blood glucose testing, Pulse, Pulse Oximetry, Respiration, Temperature, Urine tests, Peak flow, Glasgow Coma Scale and Teaching Inhaler techniques.
  • Basic Life Support and CPR - Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. Refresh - January/2019. Dublin, IRE.
  • Advanced Dermal Fillers. April/2018. Dublin, IRE. Content: needles and cannulas for liquid rhinoplasty, tear trough, cheeks, nasal folds, lips, marionette lines, chin and jaw.
  • Basic Life Support and CPR - Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. Refresh - April/2018. Dublin, IRE.
  • Aesthetic Mesotherapist Practitioner. March/2018. London, UK.
  • Advanced Peels. March/2018. London, UK.
  • Mesotherapist Reg.No - 2072761. February/2018. London, UK.
  • Principles and Practicals of Mesotherapy injectibles. November/2017. London. Uk.
  • Dermal Filler. November/2017. Dublin, IRE. Content: Lips and nasal folds fillers with needles techniques and How to recognise and treat effectively Dermal Fillers complications using Hialuronidase.
  • Basic Life Support and CPR - Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. November/201. Dublin, IRE. Content: Chain of survival. Recognising and dealing with chest pain. Assessing an unconscious patient. Dealing with choking. Recovery position. Use of your resuscitation equipment. Automated external defibrillator training.
  • Environ levels 2 & 3. September/2017. Dublin, Ireland.
  • ENVIRON post graduate September/2017, Dublin, Ireland.
  • Advanced Nutrition Programme. July/2017, Dublin, Ireland.
  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Beauty Treatments & Cosmetology - CIDESCO. June/2017. Dublin, Ireland.
  • Diploma in Aesthetic and Cosmetology Treatments - CIBTAC. June/2016. Dublin, Ireland.
  • Second Level Certified as Skin Expert.  May-August/2016. Dublin, Ireland.
  • Essential Body training. April/2016. AWARD. Dublin, Ireland.
  • Expert facial training. Feb/2016. Dublin, Ireland.
  • Essential facial training. April - May/2105. Ireland.
  • Essential facial treatments Training. Feb/2015. New Castle, North of Ireland.
  • Skin Expert. October - November/2014. Dublin, Ireland.
  • Second Level Certified as Skin Specialist. August - October/2014. Dublin, Ireland.
  • First level. Certified Dermalogica Skin Therapist. August/2014. Dublin, Ireland.
  • Essential body treatment Training. April/2014 to May/2014, New Castle. North of Ireland.
  • Therapist 5* Standards. October/2013, Dublin, Ireland.
  • Advanced Zen Massage Therapist. November/December, 2010 – Curitiba/Brazil.
  • Zen Massage Therapies. October/November, 2009 – Curitiba/Brazil.
  • Aesthetic Massage Therapies. February - June, 2009 – Curitiba/Brazil.
  • Beauty and Massage Therapy Technician. January/December, 2009 – Curitiba/Brazil.
  • Naturotherapy - with Anatomy of the Human Body in live Cadaver. QQI - level 6. Brazil/2008. Content: Naturotherapies to promote health and well-being according to the Traditional Chinese medicine.