Hud'Alex Dalla Vecchia

Aesthetic Practitioner & Spa Therapist

Hud'Alex Dalla Vecchia is the Owner of the Aesthetic and Beauty Centre.

As a certified Aesthetic Practitioner, he's concerned in to deliver harmony to your face and body features. As a SPA Therapist, Hud is constantly learning to find and deliver inner peace and balance, promoting the wellness, comfort and relaxation, through the natural treatments against the stress for all community.

As passionate and fascinated for aesthetic treatments Hud will get your skin healthy, glowing and plumped as ever before with the perfect balance of your body and mind

"After many years working as a Lawyer, I decided to do something to change my quotidian to something that could lead me to happiness in terms of work and joy and to end up with a really stressed life.

I wanted to find something to change my perception of life and I found that in the natural therapies, beauty and aesthetics, a way to achieve my own balance and happiness."


  • Clinical Skill for Health Care Practitioners.  June/2019. Belfast. Content: Understanding and accurately recording, Blood pressure, Blood glucose testing, Pulse, Pulse Oximetry, Respiration, Temperature, Urine tests, Peak flow, Glasgow Coma Scale and Teaching Inhaler techniques.
  • Intense Diploma in Phlebotomy. In course - 2019. Dublin, IRE.
  • Advanced Dermal Fillers. April/2018. Dublin, IRE.
  • Aesthetic Mesotherapist Practitioner. March/2018. London, UK.
  • Advanced Peels. March/2018. London, UK.
  • Mesotherapist Reg.No - 2072761. February/2018. London, UK.
  • Principles and Practicals of Mesotherapy injectibles. November/2017. London. Uk.
  • Dermal Fillers. November/2017. Dublin, Ireland.
  • Environ levels 2 & 3. September/2017. Dublin, Ireland.
  • ENVIRON post graduate September/2017, Dublin, Ireland.
  • Advanced Nutrition Programme. July/2017, Dublin, Ireland.
  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Beauty Treatments & Cosmetology. June/2017. Dublin, Ireland.
  • Diploma in Aesthetic and Cosmetology Treatments. June/2016. Dublin, Ireland.
  • Second Level Certified as Skin Expert.  May-August/2016. Dublin, Ireland.
  • Essential Body training. April/2016. AWARD. Dublin, Ireland.
  • Expert facial training. Feb/2016. Dublin, Ireland.
  • Essential facial training. April - May/2105. Ireland.
  • Essential facial treatments Training. Feb/2015. New Castle, North of Ireland.
  • Skin Expert. October - November/2014. Dublin, Ireland.
  • Second Level Certified as Skin Specialist. August - October/2014. Dublin, Ireland.
  • First level. Certified Dermalogica Skin Therapist. August/2014. Dublin, Ireland.
  • Essential body treatment Training. April/2014 to May/2014, New Castle. North of Ireland.
  • Therapist 5* Standards. October/2013, Dublin, Ireland.
  • Advanced Zen Massage Therapist. November/December, 2010 – Curitiba/Brazil.
  • Zen Massage Therapies. October/November, 2009 – Curitiba/Brazil.
  • Aesthetic Massage Therapies. February - June, 2009 – Curitiba/Brazil.
  • Beauty and Massage Therapy Technician. January/December, 2009 – Curitiba/Brazil.