The most updated and complete training in micro-needling, with the best techniques in the world!
This course has 8 years of tradition, more than 4000 students graduated and 4 countries covered over the US, EU and Brazil.


What you will learn:

• Review of Skin Anatomy and Physiology
• Active Ingredients in Cosmetic Products – The Positive Aspects of Micro-Needling
• Cosmetic ingredients that can cause complications when using micro-needling
• The consultation process – history, examination and aesthetic diagnosis
• Fitzpatrick Rating, Glogau Scale, Masi
• Selecting the appropriate treatment for the right patient?
• The mechanism behind micro-needling – cell to cell communication and gene regulation
• Time or frequency of treatments and why
• Treatment protocols – before, during and after micro-needling
• Device Selection – Pros and Cons of Rollers, Stamps and Fixtures (Pens)
• Micro-pitting techniques
• Infection Control
• Contraindications – relative and absolute
• Side Effects and Complications – How to Avoid Them
• Micro-needle-specific cosmetology – what, how and where to use it the right product to avoid complications and to maximise results

• How to combine micro-needling with other treatment modalities to increase results and avoid unwanted effects.

Program content:

The class is theoretical and practical.


– Anatomy and Applied Physiology
– What is Microneedling?
– Applicability of the technique
– Legislation
– Existing Micro-needling devices and Needling Techniques
– Micropuncture
– Dermopuncture
– DermaInfusion
– Derma Pen
– Roller
– Advanced Applied Cosmetology
– Dermocosmetics applied to Microagulching and other techniques
– Facial, body, capillary and dermato-dysfunction applicability
– History, diagnosis and applied clinical research

– Electrophototherapeutic Associations




– Exercises for the elaboration of individualized treatments
– Artificial Skin Training
– Real skin training in treatments of:
* Wrinkles and Expression Lines
* Pore Revitalization and Closure
* Hypertrophic and Atrophic Scars (eg Acne)
* Double Chop Reduction
* Reduction of lines and wrinkles in the neck
* Baldness and Dermatitis
* White and Red Streaks
* Flaccidity
* Localized Fat and Cellulite
* Atrophic Scars
* Hypertrophic scars
* Hand and arm treatments
* Cosmetic Micro-Needling
– Scratchs
– Care and guidance in Pre and Post-procedure
– Nutricosmetic Associations
– Electrophototherapeutic Associations
* Radiofrequency
* Laser Therapy
* Led Therapy
* Microcurrent
* Ionization
* High power lasers
– Marketing & Management (bônus)
– Sales Strategies & Negotiation Approach (bônus)