What we offer

Hud Alex will provide you with a wide range of beauty treatments and highly experienced therapist for the pleasure of your body and mind. Our unique massage technique have been developed to suit individual needs equally. If you are not familiar with IMTS, you can read more about the Integrated Mix Therapy System here.

From Male/Ladies' beauty grooming treatments to higher aesthetic procedures, every year Hud Alex spends time researching and studying in the medical field training to provide safe and ethic treatments to all his patients.

An overview of our treatments and services is available below, we recommend going through it to start your journey with us.

Our Body Massages are all enhanced by the IMTS technique to provide both your body and mind the best experience and treatment. Choose among the various massage the one you need and personalise your experience with our time, complexity and intensity options. Whether you are a busy professional, an athlete or in need of a pregnancy massage, we can provide you with the relevant body massage treatment.

More Details

Our Mixed Therapies combine different techniques in a complementary fashion to suit your needs. This is the ideal choice to maximise time and investment and treat the most common soft tissues and joints discomforts. The intensity can be chosen from Light to Deep. You can read more about the general characteristics of our mixed therapies below:


Our mixed therapies feature a number of packages associating various massages together. These combinations were made considering common soft tissues and joints activations, interactions and of course your comfort needs.


The following target areas for specific massage technics are available in our mixed therapies as specified further down on this page, craniumreflexology feet, reflexology handBack or full body massages are available in all our mixed therapies.


Mixed therapies are a way for you to treat the most common soft tissues and joints discomfort without paying the full price of the individual treatments. You can save up to 15% for up to 15% more time depending on the selected mixed therapy*

*Comparison Baseline is Silver Line massages

Please advise of your choice upon booking:

Mixed Body Therapy 55

55 min | €85.00

Mix-I: Back + Cranium Therapy

Mix-II: Back + Feet Therapy

Mix-III: Back + Hands Therapy

Mix-IV: Cranium + Feet Therapy

Mixed Body Therapy 85

1 hr 25 min | €130.00

Mix-I: Back + Hands + Feet Therapy

Mix-Mix-II: Back + Feet + Cranium Therapy

Mix-III: Full Body + Cranium Therapy

Mix-IV: Full Body + Feet Therapy

Mix-V: Full Body + Hands Therapy

Mixed Body Therapy 115

1 hr 55 min | €160.00

Mix-I: Full Body + Reflexology Hands OR Feet + Cranium Therapy

Cleansing Body Ritual 1

30 min | €40.00

  • Full body exfoliation for skin renewal
  • Re-hydration with applications of ultra-rich body cream

Cleansing Body Ritual 2

55 min | €75.00

  • Full body exfoliation for skin renewal
  • Back Mask + Feet OR Hand massage while the mask is on -Re-hydration with applications of ultra-rich body cream

Cleansing Body Ritual 3

1 hr 25 min | €105.00

  • Full body exfoliation for skin renewal -Back Mask + Feet OR hand massage while the mask is on
  • Re-hydration with applications of ultra-rich body cream -Back Massage from our Silver line

Revitalising Balance Therapy

1 hr 45 min | €145.00

  • Full Body Massage from our Diamond Line + Full Body Hot Stones


Some of our treatment combine thermal activity and the latest technology to maximize product penetration for rapid skin health results. Other Treatments use the science of ionisation to drive active ingredients faster and farther into your skin. or also delivered straight into your skin through sterilized CE certified FDA approved vitamin cocktails Hyaluronic Acid Based.


This line of treatments is ideal if you are looking to give a power boost to firm, smooth, nourish and regenerate your skin. Planning on socializing but you want to take care of glowing skin, chloasma, Melasma, hyper-pigmentation and other skin tone related issues? We have the ideal products and technology to improve skin tone, enhance skin clarity and create a fresher appearance.


Do you have adult acne, oily skin or skin dehydration issues? Or maybe you have a very sensitive skin that gets easily irritated or inflamed. This line of treatments will help calming, soothing and replenishing your skin and control biochemicals triggers that lead to the conditions weakening your skin. Our Skin treatments help with recovery time and accelerate cell renewal.

When Hud Alex Wellness and Balance meets the Brands, skin health is reinvented. We want you to feel as if your skin never has felt as clean, or as healthy, as after one of our professional services. Skin therapists must be highly experienced and trained, ready to provide the best care to your skin.

Our Facial Treatments associate the experience of our therapist and the expertise of Dermalogica, Mesoestetic, Filorga, RRS and so many other high-quality brands to provide professional skin care excellence. Our range of skin care services can be summarised with three words, health, young and strong.

Any of these treatments are recommended to facial cleansing, sensitive skin (Ultra-calming), acne skin (Medibac) and ageing (AgeSmart) and can be chosen from:

  • ProSkin 30 Treatment 30 min €40
  • ProSkin 60 Treatment 55min €70.
  • Prescriptive Gentleman 55min €70
  • Prescriptive Facial (Gents& Ladies) 75min €100 | 85min €120
When it comes to antiageing Mesoestetic offers treatments according to your age:
  • Energy C - Brightening, vitality and Moisturizing from the 20s to 35s. 55min €65
  • Collagen 360 - Firming and redensifying from the 30s to 45s. 55min €70
  • Stem Cells  - Regenerative, elasticity and restructuring. From the 40s to 60s. 55min € 75
  • DNA Radiance - Restructure and Redefining from the 55s above. 55min €80

Upper Body

Underarm - 15 min | €20.00

Forearm - 15 min | €20.00

Full Arm - 15 min | €25.00

Lower Body

Bikini - 15 min | €30.00

Half Leg - 15 min | €22.00

Full Leg - 20 min | €38.00


Eyebrow - 15 min | €20.00

Ear - 15 min | €20.00

Nasal - 15 min | €20.00

Lip - 15 min | €20.00

Chin - 15 min | €20.00


Brazilian - 15 min | €75.00

Hollywood - 40 min | €80.00

Special prices for combos.


Upper Body

Neck - 5 min | €5.00

Beard - 10 min | €10.00

Back - 15 min | €30.00

Chest and Tommy- 15 min | €20.00

Underarm - 15 min | €12.00

Lower Body

Legs - 20 min | €25.00


Full Body - 30 min | €85.00

Pubic area - 15 min | €20.00

Back, Sack, Crack (BSC) - 20 min | €45.00


Upper Body

Neck - 10 min | €15.00

Full Arm - 15 min | €25.00

Forearm - 15 min | €20.00

Back - 20 min | €40.00

Chest - 20 min | €35.00

Abdomen - 20 min | €15.00

Lower Body

Half Leg - 20 min | €25.00

Full Leg - 20 min | €45.00


Ear - 10 min | €20.00

Nasal - 10 min | €20.00

Neck - 10 min | €20.00


Pubic area - 15 min | €30.00

Manzilian - 25min | €75.00

Boyzilian - 20 min | €60



20 min | €25.00


Tinting - 15 min | €20.00


Tinting - 15 min | €20.00


Tinting - 15 min | €20.00

Shaping - 15 min | €20.00

Eyebrow - 15 min | €20.00


Tinting - 15 min | €20.00