Beauty Treatments

In order to ensure your well-being, please note that along with completing the Healthcare Form, we might ask for a patch test 24h before proceeding with some of our treatments.

If that is your first time in the clinic, please fill the form on the right to request an appointment for patch test for waxing and tinting FREE of charge.

Aesthetics Treatments

Whenever you are not sure about which treatment to take or want a higher aesthetic treatment or just a consultation about any aesthetic concerns that the clinic treats, this is your best option.

The consultation is where your needs will listen, face and body complexion and skin/fat/cellulite may be analyzed for aesthetic purposes related to your needs and you will have to provide full medical historic details and fulfil a form with pertinent information in other to have any of Hud Alex's treatments that are not available for booking through the website.

The consultation fee is paid. The 30 min is €30 and the 55mim €50 consultation.

Pay here

After payment is made, please advise me about the payment and request a booking by filling the form on the right informing dates and times when you can attend the clinic and you'll in shortly be contacted.

For bank transfer payment please request bank details by email.


Booking Form

Please fill in this form with your details and preferred date & time and we will be in touch with you shortly.