Is your company a relaxed place to work?

Daily routine and stress bring productive down and a more unsatisfied employee. Our wellness program in-company, which includes corporate massage, such as quick massage and cranium massage, reflexology and meditation, gives a hand to your team and company getting rid of their tension.

The Office Wellness System is a service designed specifically for businesses, which helps them regain the "productivity cycle". Corporate massage, reflexology and meditation offer more than momentary relaxation, invigorate the person's health, stress caused by long working hours, bad posture and repetitive actions like typing in the computer and so on.

Those techniques are also very effective in helping with tensional headaches, muscle pain, carpal tunnel syndrome among other issues that can occur due to stress or work routine.

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Make your company a better place to work!

Keep employees happy, healthy and committed with corporate massage and others services from our wellness in-company program.
Our in-company packages are especially suitable for events, like wellbeing days, weddings, social events, and companies.

Learn more about all the treatments we offer on-site:

It is perfect for anyone who doesn't have time but still feeling tension or anxiety.

Quick Massage does not use any oils or creams and there's no need for undressing so it is perfect for the office environment.

Immediately stress relieves in a quick way and your employees will be more relaxed and calm to keep their activities.

This type of massage is also recommended for private events such as weddings, birthdays and others.

Reflexology is been used as an alternative and complementary way to treat muscles in Hands and arms or Feet and calves. It is also a disease's prevention through the neuro-reflex actions that are in contact with internal organs.

We help to get an inner balance of the internal organs by pressure points massage while treating tight muscles unblocking the energy level, activating health and relax.


One of the most innovative Hud'Alex “IMT” System, this therapy combines Indian Head Massage and Eastern Massage techniques being the perfect treatment for to treat and prevent sinus, insomnia, stiff neck and headaches. Pressure points followed by a glorious, deep and slowly massage will be performed side by side, from the left to the right side of the shoulder up to the whole cranium and all face activating the triggers responsible for relieving pain, inflammation and unblocking the energy responsible for release relax and balance.

Mindfulness is a set of techniques that together help us to direct our attention to what is happening around us, keeping awareness of our thoughts, feelings and body sensations at the present moment. It helps us to tune our mindset to teach how to release our beings from the anxiety that normally comes from the past or an imaginary future.

Hud'Alex offers highly qualified professionals that are able to delivery mindfulness to your company, bringing more balance and happiness.

To the company

REDUCES calling sick rate

PROMOTES the company image

IMPROVE the Environment and Interpersonal Relationships

REVITALIZES the ability to work

PROMOTES the relationship between employee - company

To your employee

INCREASES intellectual and concentration skills

REACTIVES the energy lost in everyday life

ALIVE the stress

RAISES Self Esteem

PREVENT diseases and promote body awareness


FACILITATE Interpersonal Relationships

PROMOTES Team cohesion

INCREASES good environment and empathy with the company

INCREASES the communication and disposition of employees.


LESIONS caused by repetitive stresses/movements (RSI)

Sedentary, stress and anxiety, in satisfaction